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The 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala is believed to be a form of Lord Shiva, the lord of destruction and mercy. It greatly impacts the energy of the mind and improves memory and focus.

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The Rudraksha Mala is an ancient prayer bead used by Hindus, especially the Shiva devotees for chanting mantras and for protection against evil. The Panchmukhi Rudraksha Mala is the most common of all the kinds available and Nepalese and Indonesian forests are the two major sources of it. The 5 Mukhi of Nepal is bigger in size and has deeper lines while that of Indonesia is smaller and smoother in texture.

Panch Mukhi (face), as the name suggests, means that the Rudraksha bead has 5 lines on it. It holds a lot of significance in the religious traditions of Hinduism, especially Shaivism. Moreover, it is believed to have attained its holy properties directly from Lord Shiva or Lord Kalangni Rudra. It is ruled by the planet Jupiter and thus heavily influences the spiritual as well as the physical well-being of the person wearing it. The effect of the Rudraksha mala is directly linked to its size. The larger the surface, the more profound its impact is as it emits more energy.

However, it should be handled with the greatest purity and respect. The mala that is most commonly worn has a total of 108 beads with 1 Guru Bead which helps in keeping a track of the mantras. The beads are to be arranged into a mala on a silk thread, or a gold or silver chain, as per preference. However, threads are a better option as they allow for a smooth movement of the beads without causing damage to the Rudraksha beads. Each bead is a pathway for the smooth flow of positive divine energy and the Guru Bead transmits this energy into the body of the person wearing it.

Importance of Rudraksha Mala

Rudraksha mala is used for ‘Japa’ or repetitive chanting of mantras.

  • The most important benefit of wearing this mala is that it protects against the malefic effects of the planet Jupiter. It also affects the mental equilibrium of the person and helps in achieving peace and balance.
  • The Rudraksha is believed to possess immense cosmic powers and has been energized by ancient mantras. If worn and kept the right way, it can be a source of great wisdom and awareness.
  • It sharpens the intellect and with the vibrations generated from the chants, it is capable of providing miraculous benefits to its wearer.
  • Wearing a Panchmukhi Rudraksha mala elpss in purging the soul of the evils of a material human existence such as pride, lust, attachment, greed, and envy.

Spiritual Benefits of the 5 face Rudraksha Mala

  • The 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Mala is believed to be a form of Lord Shiva, the lord of destruction and mercy. It greatly impacts the energy of the mind and improves memory and focus.
  • The soul is rejuvenated and purified and the person acquires a strong consciousness of spiritual insight.
  • It helps in turning inwards the attention of the person, towards the thoughts and processes of one’s own mind. Further, it helps in deeper self-reflection.
  • It keeps distractions at bay and helps in meditating for longer periods of time by improving meditative concentration.
  • The 5 Mukhi Rudraksha mala is connected with the Vishuddha Chakra which is responsible for the expression of oneself or communication.
  • If you are dealing with anxiety or any other type of social dysfunction then the Panchmukhi Rudraksha Mala is a great remedy for you. It maintains and cleanses the chakra of the throat and makes self-expression easier. Singers, actors, students, and anyone who wishes to interact with confidence and clarity can greatly benefit from it.
  • Those who suffer from shyness or low self-esteem can attain a stronger sense of who they are. Also, they can become confident and functional in a social setting. The energy possessed by each bead revitalizes the soul and will help you in becoming your authentic self.

Health Benefits of the Five Face Rudraksha Rosary

  • A healthy soul gives rise to a healthier body and the Rudraksha Mala is a great medium to attain both. Since it is associated with the chakra of the throat, it relieves issues related to it.
  • It also helps in relieving from respiratory problems such as asthma and cures diseases pertaining to the thyroid.
  • People who are suffering from high blood pressure and cardiac issues can obtain immense aid from the Rudraksha Mala.
  • Due to our unhealthy lifestyle and food choices, our bodies suffer a lot. Cholesterol is a leading cause of mortality among older adults. Wearing a Panchmukhi Rudraksha mala can help in lowering high cholesterol levels and overall is very good for maintaining a balanced body.
  • The Rudraksha bead is a seed of the tree Elaeocarpus ganitrus which possesses many Ayurvedic properties. The seeds can be soaked in water and left overnight. Drinking the water the next day can help in curing depression, relaxing the muscles, etc. It is even used as a painkiller without any side-effects.
  • The powder of the seed has proven to lower the blood sugar level and has high anti-diabetic properties.

Beej Mantra for Panchmukhi Mala

For each bead of the original Rudraksha mala, there is a small mantra known as the beej mantra. Moreover, when these mantras are combined in a humming chant or Japa, the vibrations are released. They are released to heal the ailments of the psyche and the body. For a Panchmukhi Rudraksha mala, the beej mantra is “Om Hreem Namah”.

By chanting these mantras the beads get energized and spiritual energy is radiated into the world. Hence, Rudraksha mala benefits should never be forgotten. This is because it ends up impacting the person chanting it as well as his or her household.

Moreover, when done regularly and with utmost dedication and faith, the Rudraksha mala can be a source of abundance, joy, and success. It also brings fulfilment in one’s life.


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