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Original tulsi mala maintains body purity and puts off any evil energy. The energy in a Tulsi bead helps in the efficient conduction of ions throughout the body. Proper body electricity is required to keep the base “Chakra” stable.



Reasons To Start Using The Tulsi Mala

Ayurveda is the practice of using traditional methods to teach in one’s lifestyle. It is one of the globally accepted practices. Therefore, it might be one of the best decisions to include in your life with progressing times. Ayurveda is more than just a practice; it not only has herb alternatives to medicines but so much more. It provides the ultimate spiritual experience to cleanse your soul, mind, and body. One of such blessings of spiritual Ayur-Veda is the great Tulsi. The addition of Tulsi in any form to your life would give you numerous benefits, but let us know why an Original Tulsi Mala would be a boon.

The Tulsi, or the “Holy Basil,” is the herbs queen in India. For traditional medication, Tulsi has always been the best available herb. It works wonders in curing several unpleasant body situations. Moreover, a Tulsi Mala, used for different religious purposes due to its sacredness.

About And The Types

A mala means garland in the English dictionary. For a mala made out of Tulsi, there are 108 beads sewn together. Each bead is traditionally called the “guru bead,” which translates to leader bead. This guru bead is held between the fingers while chanting or “japing.”

Japing is the process of chanting a name during the meditation process. It helps calm the nerves, brings clarity, and clears one’s conscience. The following procedure makes an Original Tulsi Mala –

  • The materials used for making a mala are the Tulsi plant twigs, leaves, and roots. These malas are also made from different ingredients such as crystals, pearls, stones, etc. It also contains engraving in the guru beads.
  • Once the plant materials are gathered, it is dried (the twigs) under the sun for a few days.
  • These dried-up twigs are made into an oval, round shape manually.
  • Once the shape solidifies to an extent, a hole is drilled in between the beads to insert the thread. This whole process might take up to 12 hours.

Four types of beads are made of different Tulsi types to form a mala-

  1. Green leaf Tulsi or known as Rama (Lakshmi Tulsi)
  2. Purple leaf Tulsi, also known as Krishna or Shyama Tulsi
  3. Kapoor Tulsi
  4. Wild lead Tulsi, or Vana Tulsi

Spiritual Benefits of Tulsi Mala

It is already known that the “holy basil” has a long list of medicinal properties. Whenever you are sick with fever, cough, or throat-ache, your mom would recommend honey and Tulsi. But, did you a mala would give you the spirituality you might need?

  • In scriptures, it is said that wherever someone plants a Tulsi, that area becomes sacred and pilgrim land. Similarly, wearing Tulsi garland would provide mental health. The aura of this mala helps you cleanse your conscience; makes you think and retrospect your actions. It gives a divine connection with the soul.
  • A person who wears a Tulsi mala can have a prosperous life. As already mentioned, it relieves your tension, thus making your mental space clear. Therefore, this mala will give your thoughts and channelize your positive energy.
  • Its accurate pressure position on the acupressure points mitigates the restrictions in the mental capacity.
  • It maintains body purity and puts off any evil energy.
  • It has also been known to promote self-affirmation, mood swings and relax one’s mind. Using an Original Tulsi Mala would enhance spiritual positivity during chanting or meditation.

Scientific Tulsi Mala Benefits

Wait, there’s more. The spiritual benefits are not the end; Tulsi Mala benefits our health which is proven by science. If science has proven that Tulsi garland can help us, who are we to argue?

  • Wearing this mala elevates our health issues by relieving certain diseases related to throat-aches, indigestion, fever, cough, nasal blockage, gas, etc.
  • It facilitates detoxifying the blood, reduces high blood pressure levels to an optimum level. The energy in a Tulsi bead helps in the efficient conduction of ions throughout the body. Proper body electricity is required to keep the base “Chakra” stable.
  • In certain studies, people wearing Tulsi Mala in Iskcon have reported better digestion regulations, immunity, and an improved lifestyle.
  • Studies in the West have shown that chanting using these garlands helped cure depression. As a result, much medicinal treatment uses it.
  • In many cases, it has also helped in ending jaundice-related diseases.
  • It improves the flow of electricity in your body.

So, if you face problems mentioned above, or from any stress-related issues, you should scourge the Internet for “Tulsi Mala Price” because you need one.

Tulsi Mala Wearing Rules

There are confident Tulsi Mala wearing Rules you need to follow to get the full benefits. If you are thinking of adding the mala to your lifestyle, you would want all of its benefits. We want the whole bread, not half a loaf.

  • To make it spiritually pure, and clean sprinkle some holy water; our sacred water is none other than “Gangajal” or “Panchamrit” in India.
  • Choose a quiet, calm, holy ground to sit down. This is where you would perform the chanting, so you need proper ambiance to meditate.
  • Use a mantra you would like to teach in the meditation process and something meaningful to you.
  • Hold your Original Tulsi Mala and put your thumb and middle finger to hold a guru bead.
  • Now keep rotating the garland with every passing bead, and chant the mantra that number of times.
  • Once the 108 beads are done, reverse the process.

Tulsi is one of the sacred herbs to the Indians, so make sure that it is adequately honored every time.

Wrap Up

Ancient scriptures always have prioritized the “Vidhi” of the rules of life. They believe if one has specific duties and goals decided, they might achieve success sooner. Therefore, following specific disciplines in life would always bring success, prosperity, and sound health. However, in a world full of distraction, diseases, depression, “moh-Maya,” one needs their focus. Tulsi mala would provide everything said above to have a new, improved life search on the Web – “Tulsi Mala online”

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