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7 mukhi Rudraksha enhance financial and mental stability. It attracts growth in business. It also beneficial in diabetes.

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Rudraksha is a symbol of the lord “Shiva.” “Rudra” means Lord Shiva, and “Aksha” means Shiva’s tears. Shiva is the first user of Rudraksha. Later his devotes started using it to protect themselves from miseries and suffering. Then the sages began wearing it to get blessings from Lord Shiva. With the advancement of modern science, scientists believe in the significance of Rudraksha. Individuals with any caste, religion, creed, nationality can wear Rudraksha to get its benefits. Rudraksha comes from a tree. It is a large evergreen tree. It grows in the areas of the Himalayas. Rudraksha comes from 1 to 21 Mukhis. Among them, 1 to 14 Mukhis are easily found. 7 Mukhi holds a special place among all the Mukhis. It is the most powerful Rudraksha. 7 mukhi Rudraksha is a symbol of Anang Shiva.

7 mukhi rudraksha benefits can be seen if the wearer believes in it. Many powerful people like officers, administrators, kings, speakers, and ministers wear 7 mukhi Rudraksha. The 7 Mukhi shows the 7 seas, and it contains the power of 7 seas.

Seven mukhi rudraksha mainly represents goddess Mahalaxmi. A person who wears 7 mukhi Rudraksha attracts good health and wealth. A person gets great success in business and service. Individuals who are suffering from problems due to health, body, physiological issues should wear 7 mukhi Rudraksha.

7 mukhi rudraksha benefits

A person will get so many benefits by wearing the seven mukhi Rudraksha.

  • It reduces the effect of Saturn that stops growth and happiness.
  • People who are suffering from miseries in life can wear seven mukhi rudraksha.
  • 7 mukhi Rudraksha enhance financial and mental stability.
  • 7 face Rudraksha attracts growth in business.
  • Seven mukhi rudraksha can be beneficial for many diseases like weakness, asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, paralysis.
  • It removes bad luck from life, and reduces the negative effects of Venus.
  • It brings opportunities in love life, finance, and luck.
  • It cures indigestion and is beneficial for diabetes.
  • It enhances the artistic skills of an individual, and also opens up job opportunities.

7 mukhi Rudraksha ruling planet

Venus is the ruling planet of seven mukhi rudraksha. Planet Venus is a symbol of love, beauty, romance, and money. Venus brings happiness and makes relationships better with people. According to Hindu mythology, goddess Laxmi bestows prosperity and wealth to her devotees. So the wearer of 7 face Rudraksha gets blessings of Laxmi and Venus. The person is blessed with good luck, fame, and harmony.

7 mukhi Rudraksha beej mantra

To get all the benefits of 7 face Rudraksha, you need to chant “Om Hum Namah” as many times as you can. It will activate the power of seven mukhi rudraksha and attracts positivity in life.

Ruling diety of 7 mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling diety of seven mukhi rudraksha is the ruling planet Saturn and Mahalaxmi. The seven faces of the Rudraksha are the seven seas and seven sacred rivers. The weather of this Rudraksha will get wealth, good luck, and prosperity in their life with the blessings of Laxmi.

How to wear 7 mukhi Rudraksha?

The best day to wear 7 mukhi Rudraksha is Friday. The seven mukhi rudraksha should wear in red silk or woollen thread. You can also wear it as a locket in a chain. The chain can be of silver or gold. You can wear it as a bracelet. You need to fully trust in order to get all the seven mukhi rudraksha benefits. To get the benefits, you can also follow some rituals such as

  • You need to wake up by the Dawn
  • Take a bath before the puja.
  • Wash the Rudraksha in Gangajal and keep it on a copper plate.
  • Then you need to chant the mantra “Om Hum Namah for 108 times before wearing it.


Seven mukhi rudraksha is to bring prosperity in business, career, and services. Furthermore, it also attracts wealth, good fortune, creativity, security, and profits. It is also beneficial for treating muscular pain. In ancient times Rudraksha was used.

7 mukhi Rudraksha experience

People who wear the seven mukhi rudraksha will experience many great things in their life. They will get success in their business and attract good fortune. The wearer of the seven mukhi Rudraksha also gets rid of the negative effects of Saturn.  Additionally, this Rudraksha fills with positivity and hope.

By wearing this Rudraksha, an individual will open the door to many opportunities in life. People who wear 7 mukhi Rudraksha will experience maintain good health. This Rudraksha can be beneficial for heart diseases, the digestive system, and many diseases. It activates the chakra that improves self-esteem and courage.

Do’s and don’ts while wearing seven faces Rudraksha


  • The wearer must wear it every day.
  • Remember it worships it every day, and have faith while wearing it.
  • Remove it before attending any funerals. The Seven Mukhi is very powerful, so one must keep it away from that surrounding that can. Reciprocate the power.


  • Don’t flaunt the Rudraksha in front of everyone. It is not any kind of jewelry. When one flaunts the Rudraksha, because it attracts negative energy.
  • Never wear the broken bead
  • Don’t let someone else wear it.
  • Don’t eat non-veg foods while wearing the Rudraksha
  • Don’t drink alcohol while wearing it.
  • Don’t clean it with any soap. Use milk or Gangajal for cleaning.
  • Remove it where you worship God.


To purchase the 7 Mukhi Rudraksha original, you need to visit a reputed website. If you are buying it from a store, then make sure it’s authentic. 7 mukhi Rudraksha price can be a little costly, but it is worth it.

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