Original Chandan Mala Price & Benefits – Chandan Mala Wearing Rules


Original chandan mala is used for chanting, astrological significances, health benefits & provide healing to your body by reliving stress.



Chandan – Not Only Good For Skin But A Great Mala Too!

Sandalwood or the great Chandan has always been a critical puja element. It is primarily grown in Asia, India, where it has quite a several objectives. First, sandalwood was burnt in funeral ceremonies to pass the soul through the scent to the next life. The aroma comes from the wood. The fragrance is not derived from the leaves or flowers. This particular soothing scent of red sandalwood or white sandalwood provides an opening of the heart to give love. In the age-old Buddhist tradition, an original Chandan Mala has circulated as one of the best meditation tools. In addition to Buddhism, this garland has been in the other religious practices such as –

  • Hinduism
  • Jainism
  • Sikhism

Ayurvedic treatments stand on the pillars of excellent sandalwood. Due to their aromatic significance, “Rishi” and “Ayurvedic Doctors” use them as medical treatment. It is popular in East India but grows its popularity throughout the West.

Sandalwood or Chandan are primarily of two types: the Lal Chandan and Safed Chandan. They are also called Red Sandalwood and White Sandalwood, respectively. The garlands made out of these beads are –

  1. Lal Chandan Mala
  2. Safed Chandan Mala

Description of the Chandan Mala

This Mala is used for chanting, astrological significances, and also for some health benefits. The garland has 108 beads made out of Chandan. Depending on the Chandan Mala price, one can make a Mala out of red sandalwood beads and the other one from white ones.

These beads are round with a glossy look, smooth surface. The beads are drilled in between to sewn the thread throughout. The Mala has a tassel too. This is to help you count the number of times of your prayers.

Originality of Chandan Mala

These garlands can be found in online stores; you just have to look for “Chandan Mala Online.” But, be sure to check the originality of the beads, especially for the red sandalwood, since it is pricey. Here is a brief guide to doing so –

  • Check for solid red appearance for red sandalwood mala
  • The beads should be glossy enough
  • No presence of grain
  • It should be aromatic

Chandan Mala has numerous beneficial properties, making it one of the best traditional assets. Therefore, it is none less than a gift to us.

Spiritual benefits of Chandan Mala

  • An original Chandan is known to clear away the negative aura. It has an extraordinary power to absorb the negativities and increases the positivity in one’s life.
  • It proves that the sandalwood scent can help stimulate sensuality and thus give a sense of awareness.
  • Not only can you cleanse an individual’s aura, but it is said that the power of the beads can be extended to more expansive areas such as homes and workplaces.
  • It invokes tranquility, gives rise to divinity, and provides utmost relaxation to the mind.
  • An original Chandan Mala can provide healing to your body, and purify your body
  • Sandalwood is known to stimulate the base Chakra.
  • With the help of Chandan beads, one can enhance their intuitive mind by folds. Thus, in turn, it will give a better body soul connection.
  • Chandan Mala would enhance one’s self-confidence, self-trust, and identity.
  • A person who wears a Chandan mala can have a prosperous life. As already mentioned, it relieves your tension, thus making your mental space clear. This, in turn, will give your thoughts and channelize your positive energy.
  • It maintains your body purity and puts off any evil energy.
  • It has also been known to promote self-affirmation, mood swings and relax one’s mind. Moreover, using a Lal Chandan Mala during chanting or meditation would enhance spiritual positivity.
  • These beads are known to calm and soothe one’s mind. This enables a person to reach its divine self and communicate with its purity.
  • Meditating with these beads will help you attain a high moral ground; as a result, you will be born with new virtues.

Scientific benefits of Sandalwood Mala

  • Wearing this Mala elevates our health issues by relieving certain diseases related to throat-aches, indigestion, fever, cough, nasal blockage, gas, etc.
  • It facilitates detoxifying the blood, reduces high blood pressure levels to an optimum level.
  • Its soothing properties make it an ideal alternative for anti-depressants. Likewise, it will be perfect for someone suffering from hypertension.
  • With Chandan beads, you can see your health improvement. The Original Chandan Mala beads act beautifully in giving relief from headaches.
  • It also relieves stress providing holistic development in health.
  • If you are suffering from episodes of insomnia, a beads crystal garland will help you sleep. It might also provide you with undisturbed sleep.
  • These beads also improve the memorization power. Thus, it is one of the best aids for students to retain what they study.
  • Due to its energy balancing properties, it also develops a proper metabolism in the body. This helps survive in adverse conditions or makes one adaptable to any change.

How to wear a Chandan Mala?

Before wearing the Mala, you need to make sure that you follow the Vidhi or the Rules. Every time you wear the garland, chant “Om Bhomaiya Namah” before about three times. It should be at least three times or about 11 times. Do the same process after removing it.

Start wearing this Mala on an auspicious day; it is preferred to check the dates and set accordingly. Some of the bright days are Navaratri, Shivratri, Griha-Pravesh. You can start wearing it on such occasions.

For better results of Chandan Mala benefits, it is advised to sprinkle some Ganga-Jal every time you use it for chanting.


Chandan can not only brighten your skin, but a garland made out of Chandan beads can brighten your life and bring prosperity. The addition of this garland can bring peace, harmony, better health prospects in anyone’s life. That anyone can be you.

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